Sunday, April 26, 2009

My New Place

Well I am back at school, and am in a new place this time. I love it! I get my own room, and it is a million times nicer than my last apartment. School is insane, but I'm trying not to get overwhelmed. It's good though, I love my roomates they are so fun! I seem to have a great ward, and I hear summer semester is THE BOMB. My roomate plays guitar and she is teaching me. It's awesome! Here are some (crappy) pictures, and some videos. I felt really dumb taking the video of myself, whispering in my room all alone....Our neighbors are pretty loud, somehow they loaded a humungo tv into their apartment, but luckily I don't hear it because I'm on the other side of the apartment. We have roomate dinner every Sunday, which is new for me but so fun! I can see the Rexburg Temple from my bedroom window which is awesome because at night it literally looks like Heaven. I'm grateful and excited to be back at school gettin my education onnnnnn.