Sunday, July 24, 2011


So a few days ago, I popped in the good ol' movie "Hope Floats." We all know and love it as our go to chick flick. I always remember my Mum watching it growing up, and I sort of thought she use to know Sandra Bullock or something? I was such a strange child. Or my Mom lied to me a lot...We won't get into details here, but something really stuck out to me in the movie this time I watched it. I can't remember the exact scene, but Momma was talking to Birdee about chances. She was telling Birdee how she wastes chances. "Do you think behind one chance their is another one and another one?" She said it was the worst extravagance how she wasted chances. It stood out to me, and I'm glad it did. I don't want to take for granted anything! I don't want to find out that if behind one chance their is another one and another one. I want to take the chances I'm given in life. I don't want to ever look back, and think for a second I missed out.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Haps

I feel my blog needs some love. It hasn't gotten much lately. My life has been JAM packed lately. Hopefully to slow down a tinge now I'm DONE with school for awhile. (HALLELUJAH) I haven't taken many pictures regretfully. I should take more, but people always give me weird looks when I'm like, "hey YOU!! Say cheese, or ELSE!".."Oh sorry, thought you were someone else, uhh, ha, that's so funny, I thought you were bye."  (run away fast, fasterrrr)

Excitings Things Goings Ons:

-Baby William is growing in size and so are my arm muscles.
-I'm dating a fun new boy. He's a fighter, painter, and chess player. Oh yes and thuper duper cute. You can view him here. A Tom Jones song was playing in this movie we watched, and we both broke out in song during the chorus at the same time. Yeah...I know.
- I got my mom a super cute new couch from the lady I work for. For free.
-I got my associate's degree. Yeeeeeeeeee.
-I'm a little blonder.
-I'm going to FLORIDA next month to see some of my most favorite human beings ever!!! I'm sooo excited x 20 million +4.
-I watch my sister play softball during her weekly games and it's pretty fun and she's good!
-I went to the fair with Josh, Mum, and Dad Saturday. It was a hoot. Minus the part where Josh wouldn't ride any rides with me.
-Yep, I could go on, but my bed is calling. Don't want to be rude...