Friday, October 31, 2008

My First Haircut

So when a certain cousin of mine was on the verge of breaking the honor code here, he came to me for help. I had to use my school scissors, you know the kind that cut paper, or various paper-ess products. I don't want to brag but for my first haircutting experience I think it went pretty well. Before on bottom. After on top.

The Haunted MiLL

So last night we decided to get a group together and go to a haunted house called the Haunted Mill. I'll say that my heart is still a little tender from last night! It was THE scariest haunted house I have ever been too. We had to climb narrow stairs in which someone proceeded to grab my ankle!! Then we had to crawl; yes crawl through small tiny spaces and a man chased me with a chainsaw inside the small crawling part! Can you say terrifying? I was crawling away from a mad man! Then they had golem from lord of the rings there and he would not leave me alone! He did the voice perfectly and everything. I thought I was going to die multiple times. I even head butted my cousin in the nose. I feel really bad about that, but a dog jumped out at me! There were also times where we had to walk in the complete pitch black and climb down this carpeted thing that was all downhill. Then we had to cross this HUGE wobbly bridge and I thought for sure I was going to plumet to my death into the river. There was even a really scary witch that told us a small story of her children dieing. I feel bad because I literally was a leach to anyone next to me. Needless to say it was such a blast. We then watched the "scary" movie 1408 but it actually was just really dumb except for one small scary moment. Let the Halloween festivites begin.

Prop 8

just inform yourself ;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving FHE

So last night our ever so kind fhe brothers (the two that come) brought us all pumpkins and frosties! How kind. We had fun getting into teams and carving these bad boys. We had lots of creativity and ice cream floating throughout the house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So do you ever have those days where you have a rather LARGE list of things you need to get done, but somehow you can think of every reason to do everything else but what you need to do?! I call this self torture. Why do I torture myself? why?! I'll rearrange my closet, do the dishes, take a shower, watch t.v., shine my shoes, and watch my roomates eat dinner before I can muster up that strength to do my homework. Those days I can come home and finish my homework early are days of mircacles! I wonder why I just don't do that everyday. Ellen Degeneres reminds us to,"procrastinate now, don't put it off."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ray Lamontagne

So I just had to let everyone know Ray Lamontagne one of my favorite singers of all time just came out with a new cd. I'm here to tell you for your own good to go and get it NOW! I haven't listened to all of the songs so if there's anything shady in there don't judge me, but his voice is absolutely beautiful!! If you love amazing music then he's your guy.

What I'm up to

I forgot to mention what I was studying when I started this little blog. So I thought I'd let all you who wanted to know my plans for the future! So mom here's for you! ;) Anyways right now I'm planning on majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in International Studies. I want to be able to write and travel. I'm not sure exactly where this will take me and I'm sure it might change slightly. With my minor I'll need to learn a language and study abroad. I'm WAY excited about this part. I'll be studying French and will hopefully will get to study somewhere in France. I was able to go there last year and Paris was my absolutae favorite. I thought it was everything it's built up to be and more, so magical in every sense. We shall see where I end up but these are my overall goals. Night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Utah...

My mother and sisters traveled all the way to utah to come and visit me! It was quite a task getting there as I had everything planned to leave Thursday and my teacher decided to grace me with a nice lovely one day ONLY test on Friday. So I couldn't go with my originial ride and ended up taking the shuttle. I kindly placed my backpack on the seat next to me. I don't mind people sitting next to me usually but I mean I had loads of homework to do and I was tired and need my space! don't judge me. I made it Utah and back safe and sound. I had a blast eating real food, going to the movies, listening to my Grandma serenade me, walking in the snow, and most importantly shopping! It's hard to go from school doing everything to having your mom back to take care of you, to going back to school again. I had to do that whole transition thing again! I'm glad to be back though and am looking forward to Thanksgiving!


We all decided that our apartment was looking QUITE drab so my cousin decided to spruce it up a bit. The decorations really added a more "homey" feeling as our moms are full out decoraters and we had to do something. I really can't take much credit though Molly did all of it. We even have a vampire wall. It's not complete we still have a few roomates to vampify but you can just call us the Cullenistas! (im so sorry for any of you who don't get that refrence)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mummsie!! Hope you have an amazing birthday because you are an amazing person! I love you!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Love You Forever

Ok so this weekend I'm in Salt Lake and I was in my Grandma's room. I was looking through her bookshelf discovering all sorts of books from my childhood when I stumbled upon my most favorite book of all time called Love You Forever. If any of you haven't read this little book, go out and get it now!! It's an older book I remember reading or being read too when I was really young. So anyways get it. I'm headed off to the mall all by my lonesome this blistery afternoon in search of a much excited birthday present for a mother of mine. I know exactly what I'll be getting! Anyways off I go..