Monday, March 30, 2009

Jumping out of planes, and all sorts of fun

So saturday was THE day I got to jump out of a plane with my cousin Chelsea and about 9 other tandem jumpers/single jumpers/camera people. We got to the skydiving place around 1 and found out it was a 4 hour wait. My family had driven us, but they couldn't wait that long, and there was NO way Chelsea and me could deny this opportunity especially after we got there and saw the skilled filled with people gracefully floating in the sky. We HAD HAD HAD to do it! So after waiting four hours seeing everyone's numbers being called but ours it was OUR turn! We both went into the back room and got suited up, this is where my nerves set in. I wasn't exactly nervous but more anxious. My instructor kept reminding me and reminding me to just relax. He was very good at keeping my calm, not that I was freaking out but just needed a little reassurance.

The plane soon came in and before I knew it I was sitting on the plane. I felt like we were preparing for war or something, everyone was buckling up, snapping things here and there, at one point my instructor told me sit on his lap to to buckle us up. AH IM NOT READY. Well that's what I was saying in my head atleast. Since my instructor and I were the first in we were the last out. It went so quick though I was glad. We waddled to the door and out we went! Once I jumped out every worry disappeared and it was so awesome!

I'm counting down the days until I get to do it again. My video will be coming soon, but it needs just a little tweaking. The feeling of free falling was so beyong what I can even describe. It was a very free feeling. I loved it. Every second of it I loved! We had 60 seconds of free fall, and a 5 minute descent.
Who wants to go???!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


With Netflix that is....

We have recently ditched satellite and have switched over to local tv with tivo. I joined Netflix a few months ago after my awesome FREE two week trial. Through the tivo I'm able to use the Netflix. Today I watched Singin' In The Rain!

Oh how I loveth this movie. As Cassie and I watched it, we wondered why men don't dress in full blown suits and hats. Why don't guys walk girls to the door anymore..why don't guys use manners anymore...why don't guys be respectful anymore!! Ok ok I'm sorry. I'm done. I just really love old movies because they aren't filled with all the JUNK that today's movies are filled with. They are a great reminder of what a gentlemen is. I know some are out there, but they are far and few between.