Monday, September 26, 2011


Last month I got to visit the beautiful state of FLORIDA. It was a lot of fun! I went to visit my dearest friends that I met while in Idaho.

The water was so warm and clear! It was a little scary. The fish were nipping at us and I was trying to stay calm until Annalee freaked out it gave me permission to do the same! I loved it though it was definitely a different experience than the beaches at home.

My sweetest friend Annalee!

After getting back from the beach we headed to Annalee's husband's school FIU. We explored and it was actually so much fun. The campus was so beautiful. We discovered these awesome rocking benches that were covered and the entire thing rocked. It was like one giant rocking chair. We loved it!
On the way to the Santos' and Russ' home to stay for the wedding, Blake wanted us to drive through the everglades so they could show me some gators! This was right off of the freeway. We were standing on an overpass. We threw whatever we could into the water to get the gators to come up. It was so cool! I think around 6 appeared out of nowhere. I was so excited. 
That night we stayed at Blakes parents' home. Annalee and Blake told me we might be able to go air-boating. Bo their brother-in-law is really into air-boating and agreed to take us the next morning. It was so much fun! I was really excited to do this. I got some videos. It was so beautiful and a crazy experience. Blake told me he would catch me a gator, I was really excited and secretly really scared and hoping we wouldn't see one. Well he ended up catching one! I was really afraid of touching it and I thought it was going to bite my hand off but in the end it was okay. Once Blake told me he was going to let go I begged him not too. But I did it!

That afternoon we went to the cutest little restaurant. It was a family friend's apparently and the food was absolutely amazing! I had chicken and waffles. I also tried grits for the first time and it was sooooo good.
Oh I forgot to mention Annalee got to drive the air-boat! Look at that face of rage. (:
                 That night I got to attend my dear friend Brenna's wedding! I lived with her a few years ago. It was one of my best semesters.
This is JARI. My friend forever. Lolo is the girl on the right who is also a friend from school. She lived in the same complex as me and will forever be remembered as my go to dance partner and party girl! I love her!
My favorite couple!!! Love them.

Jari and I went to DISNEYWORLD! I loved it! She knew exactly where to go and what to do. She use to work at disneyworld so it was awesome she knew what to do. She gave me the EXPERIENCE. We did all 4 parks in one day. I think I passed out that night but it was absolutely amazing. I love love love my Jari.

Overall I had an amazing time. Everyone I stayed with worked so hard to show me a good time. It was amazing to stay with real Floridians who showed me the true Florida experience. I love and miss you all!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am so excited for Fall I am going to BURST!  Seriously. The clothes, the smells, the weather, the food. Mmmmmm. I love it all so much. I haven't been home for two years during the Fall and I'm very excited.





                                                               {Maybe Halloween}

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tonight I'm dreaming. Yes dreaming! Dreaming of a happier tomorrow. A place with lots of fluffy pillows, and chocolate that is zero calories. A place where I know I'm safe. But don't worry I am happy. I read some really amazing talks today that really touched my heart. You should read them. The first was "Come What May and Love It" by Elder Worthlin. Second is "Finding Joy in the Journey" by President Thomas S. Monson.They filled my heart with warmth when I thought nothing could.  Nothing soothes my soul like the The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm always amazed at the Angels sent into my life when struggle enters my friends all contact me at once, pouring out their love for me just because. I know that is no coincidence.

Here is a teaser:

I also loved this one by Elder Bednar:

Stay tuned for my blog Florida Edition!