Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Picnic!

So today we decided hey were going to go on a picnic! So we loaded our sanwhiches, cookies, and macaroni and cheese, and anything else we could scrounge up and headed on a picnic at the park across the street. Our intent was to take some really fun pictures, but we ate, talked, and all fell asleep in the sun. It was delicious and good to get out! Here's most of the roomies, and me behind the camera. (:

Sunday Walks continued...

So as I said we walked to the temple..found the college sign...and took a few pics...and were serenated by a few random boys

Sunday Walks...

So we have been layin around all day so tonight we all decided to talk a walk up to the temple. On any given night this calls for random people doing random things anywhere y0u go. So first we walked past the schools stadium and every sunday they have this awesome thing called singing under the stadium or something to that affect. It's where students gather under the stadium and sing beautiful church hymns. We all decided we were definitely going to have to try it out next Sunday. Here's a little clip of what it sounds like. The bottom one sounds best.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Funnist Kid Ever--Watch This! Hilarious

Fa fa friday Night

So on friday the cousins got together for a movie and dinner! We had a really fun time and saw a great movie! Then saturday was a huge storm which was so much fun! I went grocery shopping and got to cart molly around while she grabbed my groceries for me while nearly running over many people with our cart. Unfortunately there are no pics of this, and we ended the night playing wii with some new friends and watching a movie. Now its Sunday and I have a nice heap of homework calling me name!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So I did my first load of wash since moving here and it wasn't half bad, except that I put the liquid detergent in the bleach ONLY spot, but shh don't tell. I gathered my saved up quarters and loaded up my ikea hamper and got to business..notice my one sunsplash fun token in the mix of quarters.(thanks josh?)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Um, does it have your name on it?

Ok so I've never felt more like an animal in my life than I do now. I feel like I'm living in this jungle called "an apartment" and were all trying to salvage and save whatever we have. If any of you don't know the rule, anything and everything you buy must be sharpied! When I say sharpied I mean your ketchup better have your name written in dark sharpie so you are clearly able to read the name on it or it's free range. It's very funny to open the fridge and see everything with everyone's name's on it. It'll be weird going home and opening the fridge and getting to choose whatever my little heart desires.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day

So yesterday was my first day, I thought Oh well I probably won't get too much homeowork and they'll just ease us into this whole college thing. WRONG. I mean it was just like a syllabus review type day but I still had nice little(BIG) stack of homework. I guess it's time to kick it into gear and get going! Over all the experience has been a million times better than high school. I promise these posts will get more exciting as time goes on. Stay tuned for the apartment tour!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Ok so I've accomplished my first three days on pre college life, and pre meaning that I actually haven't started classes yet but have been doing an orientation thing for 3 days! This whole college thing is so weird but I'm slowly getting used to it I suppose. Making dinner for myself was definitely exciting! With each day my money is slowly dwindling from each book that I have to buy..super! Here are some awesome photos of my cousin and I's room! Enjoy....