Tuesday, December 16, 2008

San Francisco open your golden gates we'll have nobody wait outside your doooors

After arriving home early saturday morning from driving all night long, I was ready for yet another adventure! On monday
My friends and I headed to San Francisco to get my friends mom something that was only sold at a certain boutique giving us a perfect excuse to go. We decided since we are all broke we'd do more site seeing than shopping. We hit up Mrs. Doubtfire's house, Full House's house, Lombard Street, and Ghiradelli Square. It was a very fun day, and I'm glad Cali has better site seeing than Idaho. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sillllllent Nighhhhhts...well not so much

Today was our last sunday of the semester so we decided to never forget it by taking pictures! It was absolutely freezing and windy, but fun none the less. Then my roomate and I just went to a great Christmas Broadcast. Oh how I'll miss this campus!...until I come back in a few months...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Time Has Come the Walrus Said...

Well time is running out. It feels like I just moved to good ol' rexburg and now I'm headed home in a week and a half. When I look back it seems like I just got here. Though I'm excited to go and be home for a bit I will miss those late night girl chats, the beautiful view of the temple, crazy rexburg friends, burning my food, learning guitar with my appt., living in filth, staying up all night, deciding who will plundge the toilet, fhe, my quick visits to utah, all the late night homework stresses, and all the new friends and roomates I have gained. I've definitely learned a lot living on my own in such a short time. But for now its time to say goodbye.

My Twilight Review

So I figured I've waited long enough for the opinions to have cooled down and here's my take on it all. I LOVED it. I mean of course there were those parts where I thought some things needed to be different, but overall it was great! I knew that I couldn't compare it to the books so I went into it completely open minded. I did get annoyed of the squeling girls who wouldn't zip it, but I got over it. I was first in line with my friend Rachel and soon our party of about 10 showed up. As soon as the man let the chord go and said enjoy your movie, I literally sprinted into the movie theatre. I heard someone running next to me and figured it was Rachel, but NO it was Chelsea! Of all people! It was a blast and reminded me of an extrememly calm version of comic con where I got to see the panel of the cast and listen to them talk and people ask questions. One girl even confessed her love to Edward/Rob Pattinson and I think I remember my friend restraining me so I didn't run up and slug her! At the con there were 6500 people and my friend and I got extremely close seats. It was a miracle and so crazy and fun! If New Moon comes to Comic Con this summer I'm all over it! Anyways loved the movie. loved, loved, loved it. I'll be seeing it again really soon.