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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Have a listen
Oh where did the simple things in life go? Adulthood why did you gobble them up? I love that I will always keep the simple things, even if they only get to appear once in awhile.

-Grinning BIG at strangers
-Looking at the stars and imagining just what lies behind them
-Roller Blading
-Sunday drives
-Making tents
-Making cardboard box houses
-Sitting on a warm rock and simply thinking
-Talking about old memories, good memories
-Sending snail mail
-Receiving snail mail
-Love letters, thought out, sugary and sweet <3
-Scraped knees and unnecessary band-aids
-Lying on heater vents listening; listening to the air escape, feeling the warmth swishy swish on my face
-The Sandlot
-Mud pies
-Dirt roads

Monday, January 2, 2012


BLAH! My head may implode. My mind is so full so this post is going to be random, but being the thinker that I am, at some point all this brain vomit must come out. This past year has been a year I could have never seen for myself. It has been filled with so many twists and turns its RIDIKULUS.

I was talking to my mumsie about my blog the other day, and I was mentioning how I was worried people think I'm some depressed love sick human being. This isn't really me, but you know it's like you feel like writing when you're going through a struggle, but when you're happy you're just out living life. But my writings don't always come from a sad place, right now I just am. am. am. am. Whatever that means. I'm just floating a bit. I'm in this very weird stage where I'm almost leaving for school but it's still 4 months away, so I'm in bit of....  shall we say limbo.

I'm SO excited to go back to school. I've been thinking about this a lot. I was thinking why I am never completely content with where I'm living. It's because I want all the people I love in this world just to be in one place. That one place being near ME. I think about strangers who get to be in the company of said loved one's and I get frustrated. Why do complete strangers get to absorb the delicious company of those I! love and yet I am so far away from some of them. Boo.

Onward. Christmas was a joyous occasion as it usually is. We had my grandparents over for Christmas Eve dinner and also my grandma's sister and husband. We had a full house, but who would want it any other way really? Then we went to the Pope's for more Christmas festivities. Then Christmas morning we all opened presents and had a gay ol' time. I love my crazy family.

On Monday Rachel and me went exploring at a local park. We followed a creek until our feet were about to fall off. Then we swung on the swings until we couldn't see straight. I felt 5 again, and aren't those the best of days? I think so.

Thursday I went ice skating with some lovely friends. My friends really are lovely. I'm blessed with some really good ones. Like I mentioned before I wish I could have all my friends all the time. A lot have either left on missions, graduated, or have gotten married. But good thing is you are always making friends, and great one's are always coming my way.

Friday night I met up with a friend who I hadn't had a real conversation with in months. Was it amazing? Yes. We got frozen yogurt. Walked around forever, talked, talked, talked. THEN. We headed to the store and stumbled upon a 1,000 piece chalk set. We went to a near by parking lot and he had the grand idea of drawing handicap spots on all the parking spaces. SO FUNNY. Too bad our 1,000 piece chalk set didn't consist of only blue and white, because we were only able to fill 3 spots. Funny, nonetheless. Then we watched a Japanese movie called "Twilight Samurai." Then he moved to Idaho. Awesome. (not)

I'm back to work now watching the babes. He is a baby wonder. He is about to talk my ear off any day now. I mean he does already but between the "BO..EE...Mmmm's" I'm having difficulty making out what he's trying to get across to me. I'm like sound it out baby!

On Thanksgiving day I ran the "Run to feed the Hungry" 5k with friend Dana. It was pouring rain and absolutely freezing, but a blast nonetheless.

I got some sweet new running shoes. People hate on them but I'm LOVIN mine.