Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dearest Stress..

Dearest Stress,
I hate you.
love always your best friend,


Today I had a huge schedule planned out of all the buckets of homework I needed to accomplish. So I go to sit down to open my religion folder that I needed to finish. Only to my surprise it closed at 10 o' clock last night instead of tonight! I'm trying really hard to stay calm and faithful but I already wasn't doing super hot in that class and now I went and did this! I kept feeling like there was something I needed to do, but I had no idea and brushed it off. NOW I know what it was. Thank goodness my Aunt Julie sent me beautiful twilight posters to ease my mind in this time of turmoil, and lack of responcibility on my part. These pictures display my shock of finding out my paper was due last night, what I wish I was doing, and my future husband. ( mom this is what I look like in case you forgot.)


Maureen said...

Im so glad you posted pictures of yourself as I was starting to forget your face, kidding, how could I ever forget that sweet face, I don't like the stess look though, Not good about the homework but you always seem to work it out and rise above it all, your good at that, Edward looks alittle ticked off, pinching his cheeck might have set him off as he looks like he is ready to strike, and bite your neck, I know thats what you want though, but be careful. Love you tons..

Klint said...

I would be stress out too if I had Vampires staring at me all the time. Scary. I remember when I was a vampire...... oh wait I'm not supposed to talk about that. Anyway, hope you get some stress relief soon. Y.F.Uncle Klint

Peck Family said...

i want to suck your blood...