Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Days...

Some days I look at craigs list...

I change my desired location to Paris, France

I look up apartments for rent, and I pretend I'm honestly looking for a place to live

I think about how I'll get up in the morning and take the metro anywhere and just people watch

Then I think about how I'll definitely be needing a crepe with nutella and bananas by noon

After I eat my crepe I'll rent a fat tire bike and ride through Versaille

Then I will ride the metro back to my cozy apartment where I will read Vogue

Just to make sure I'm not making a fool of myself in Paris

Then I will fall into Parisian bliss and sleep the night away dreaming of Leonardo Da Vinci doing the Tango 

With the mysterious smiling woman in the Mona Lisa...

Apartment choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3


Lesa said...

oh my goodness... i've done this too. although, you're much more romantic (and realistic) than I am. I try to find the most expensive apartments in a place that I want to go. :O)

Maureen said...

can I come too..

Jari said...

Seriously, Lex, your brain is like a playground! I love it! I also love that I found your blog, and I will stalk you, of course. Creeper status?