Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday and LIfe

I do love Sundays. I love that I get to sleep in, I love that I get to see all the cute boys who are in my ward, I love that all the cute boys are my FHE brothers and home teachers. (yes pulease, and thank you)

We usually end up making delicious baked goods that I definitely do not need to eat, but excuse me if I don't like being rude and denying my roomates of their kind deeds. Seriously, cmon now.

I have been sick this past week and have missed a lot of class. (crap) So now I get to live at school this week before break. Yay?

My roomate is the sports coordinator for the ward, and so being the fantastic roomate that I am, I joined a copius amount (do you think I'm smart for using that word? I spelt it wrong? Dangit!) of teams; far more than I should have, just or the sake of not forfeiting.

I play futsal (indoor soccer), volleyball, and battleship (extremely fun game played in the school's pool using canoes.)

Point A: I am not good at playing sports.
Point B: I am especially terrible at futsal, and I guarantee to entertain you if you watch me. I blocked 3 goals that my OWN teammates were trying to shoot. I just think it's fun to block balls, stand in the way, and play in other people's feet as they dribble. Sue me. ( is that the right sue or is there another one?...soo me...seww me...please lexi, seww me? We're not making costumes here.)

This is all done in the name of trying to be a supportive roommate. I think I'll be doing others a favor if I just allow our team to forfeit. At least we'd go out with some dignity. I mean, not that I don't love wearing the awesome hart workout attire, and making a fool of myself all at the same time. Please, that has nothing to do with. But seriously, please don't make me play again...


Quinn said...

you mean you (spelled) it wrong and I will seww you for all you're worth!

Maureen said...

Oh how I wish I could see video of your games..not to laugh at you, but to jump up and down routing for you, do a drill during your half times..(do you have half times?)..How did I get so lucky to have such a talented daughter that is welling to try anything once..way to go..and to misspell any word ever just to make your mother feel better about her own spelling..thank you!