Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Haps

I feel my blog needs some love. It hasn't gotten much lately. My life has been JAM packed lately. Hopefully to slow down a tinge now I'm DONE with school for awhile. (HALLELUJAH) I haven't taken many pictures regretfully. I should take more, but people always give me weird looks when I'm like, "hey YOU!! Say cheese, or ELSE!".."Oh sorry, thought you were someone else, uhh, ha, that's so funny, I thought you were bye."  (run away fast, fasterrrr)

Excitings Things Goings Ons:

-Baby William is growing in size and so are my arm muscles.
-I'm dating a fun new boy. He's a fighter, painter, and chess player. Oh yes and thuper duper cute. You can view him here. A Tom Jones song was playing in this movie we watched, and we both broke out in song during the chorus at the same time. Yeah...I know.
- I got my mom a super cute new couch from the lady I work for. For free.
-I got my associate's degree. Yeeeeeeeeee.
-I'm a little blonder.
-I'm going to FLORIDA next month to see some of my most favorite human beings ever!!! I'm sooo excited x 20 million +4.
-I watch my sister play softball during her weekly games and it's pretty fun and she's good!
-I went to the fair with Josh, Mum, and Dad Saturday. It was a hoot. Minus the part where Josh wouldn't ride any rides with me.
-Yep, I could go on, but my bed is calling. Don't want to be rude...

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Maureen said...

You forgot to mention Brian is the one with the shirt on and who won..still don't like brutal, but yes he is a great guy..a guy version of you!!
You also forgot to mention how your mom makes you lunch to take to work most day..just saying!!