Saturday, January 21, 2012


Have a listen
Oh where did the simple things in life go? Adulthood why did you gobble them up? I love that I will always keep the simple things, even if they only get to appear once in awhile.

-Grinning BIG at strangers
-Looking at the stars and imagining just what lies behind them
-Roller Blading
-Sunday drives
-Making tents
-Making cardboard box houses
-Sitting on a warm rock and simply thinking
-Talking about old memories, good memories
-Sending snail mail
-Receiving snail mail
-Love letters, thought out, sugary and sweet <3
-Scraped knees and unnecessary band-aids
-Lying on heater vents listening; listening to the air escape, feeling the warmth swishy swish on my face
-The Sandlot
-Mud pies
-Dirt roads

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