Saturday, April 5, 2014


Choice Three—New Testament Hebrews 13
*We should take care of strangers, as we never know who we could be helping. We are to remember those who are in bonds, those who suffer, and those who face adversity.
*Marriage is looked upon as being honourable as long as we are worthy in it.
*We are to be content with what we have, for “he hath said, will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” We should not fear what man can do, but know that God stands at our side.
*Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
*We are sanctified through our Savior.
*We obey those who are over us, and are obedient. They watch over us and will report of us.
*Paul asked them to pray for the Apostles.

I chose this topic, because these are topics that we all needs remembrance and reminding of. I placed this on my blog:

Choice Four—The Trial of our Faith is more Precious Than Gold
                It is by the trial of our faith that we can gain our salvation. We go through trials and struggles in our life that are for a purpose and for a reason. I saw an image the other day of several pictures. The first one was several people pulling a large cross, and one of the people pulling the cross said, “Lord this is too hard, I’m going to cut this cross to make it smaller.” The man continued to do this until his cross was small and easy to carry. The man walked among others who had large crosses that were hard to carry.
                Now as they all continued to carry their crosses they all came across a huge dip in the road. The rest of people took their large crosses and used them as bridges to get across the large dip in their road. The man who had cut his cross down could not pass. The purpose of this was to show that the cross we bear is for a reason, and only God knows why we bear the cross or bear the trials we do, but they are for a reason. Life is hard and we face trials, but by our faith we will gain salvation in that which we didn’t always understand, but had faith in the purpose and intent of our Father in Heaven.

I chose this talk, because I always love to hear about how we can overcome our different trials. I posted this on my blog: 

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