Sunday, May 9, 2010

Have You Ever...

Have you ever known someone who is ALWAYS there to listen to you?
Have you ever known someone to think about you all day?
Have you ever laughed so hard with someone you can't breath?
Have you ever thought, what did I do in the previous life to deserve this person?
Have you ever been able to tell someone anything, and you knew it'd be safe?
Have you ever had a best friend?
Have you ever had someone who prays for your well being all day long?
Have you ever missed someone so much it stings a little?
I'm blessed to have a Mom I call my bestest friend. I sometimes lay awake at night wondering how I got to so blessed. I love my Mom so much!


Maureen said...

Have you ever, ever felt like the luckiest mom in the world, Well I have and I am truly feeling blessed beyond measure today..I love you lex I do know what its like to miss someone so much it stings..sometimes my heart hurts when I think your sad, or guys know how to make me laugh, belly laugh..I love that we just get each other..Thank you sweetie brought a tear to my super dry itchy eyes..I want to be you when I grow Have you ever been so happy it makes your heart hurt because it so full..well I have..Thanks for being you!!!

brooke said...

now that i am bawling!!! i will say have you ever realized you had the best family in the whole wide world?!?! i have!!