Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Start us Off...

Time: 5:30 pm

Who: My Co-worker,his friend,my roomate, and I

What: Double date

To say the least dating really isnt my favorite thang. I prefer to spend time with people I love and already like! (this is a horrible attitude, I know) I could feel this one coming on for a little bit.

I work with this boy, we'll call him "Jim Bob." Jim Bob texted me saturday night wondering what I was doing that night. I actually already had plans but they weren't until later so I said I had something at 9 but nothing until then.

He said he was wondering if my roomate and I wanted to go to a rodeo and dinner with him and his friend. I said yes, and was sooooooooooooooooo relieved that he had asked us both to go. I was still a little confused about who he was asking, my roomate or I?

He only had my number so we weren't sure. We weren't too worried about it, because we'd figure it out when we all got together. Then it'd be obbbbbvious. Right? WRONG.

The entire night, they made us choose everything! Who wants to sit in the front? Who wants to sit next to who in the car? Who wants to sit next to who at dinner? At the rodeo? The lists goes on my friends. One paid for dinner, and the other paid for the rodeo. No help there.

The entire night we had no clue who was who's date. It was even more horrible that they were so awkward about it, like they would walk slowly to the car to see who would sit where. We felt like we were under examination. We're both convinced they were undecided and wanted to see who'd we'd go for.

The worst part is that we actually had to choose. I felt like it was a flip of a coin. We finally just chose who to sit next to and talk to, and I felt like I had chosen wrong the whole time!

I hate dating boys I don't want too. I know I know. This is life and how you get to know people, and find out what you want in a person. BUT I don't like it.


The Pecks said...

I remember those dating nightmares!! You brought back a ton of memories :)

Maureen said...

you and Kylee are almost the same persons, now the boys are even seeing it...its like they asked out twins and couldn't figure out who was who..next time wear matching outfits and make it more crazy..I promise prince charming will show up someday..P.S. Love your blog, now keep it up!!

Maureen said...

persons? people? which is it..;o\