Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Bee

This week has been so busy, and very fun. It seems like everyday I've played and I'm not behind either! This weekend I went out to Rigby Lake and on saturday I went to a place called Money Rock. At monkey rock they have bridge jumping, and I always promised myself I would never bridge jump. Well...everyone was doing it, and everyone was pressuring me. I mean, really how could I say no? I would never do anything dangerous and it wasn't that far of a drop, and I trusted the judgement of the people I was with. There were tons of people there and it took me forever to get the nerve just to stand up on the ledge (the scariest part.) My roomate was begging me not to do it, but then she decided if I was taking the risk so was she. So our friends helped us up onto the platform, and then I thought maybe I had died. I looked down, and decided quickly that was not a good idea. I just kept thinking "just jump and then it can be over with!" But I couldn't! We had everyone waiting for us, and I kept looking back at my friends saying that I didn't think I could do it. They kept encouraging me, and finally I just jumped. I didn't say anything I just stepped off. It felt like I was in the air forever, and I screamed like someone was stabbing me (really embarassing). Once I popped out of the water I looked over and my roomate was right next to me. Everyone up top started clapping and we finally did it! I was so happy, and once it was over I thought it was really fun. It's been such a fun week/weekend, and this week is going to absolute pandemonium. I have to work a bunch and it's finals week. I also have to drive to utah, fly to lax, fly to sacramento, drive 4 hours to ft. bragg, and then I can finally relax. It's always a very long process getting home, and usually a little bit lonely since I do a lot of traveling solo but I'm excited for everything.

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Maureen said...

nobody got a picture of you jumping?? bummer..Im glad you told me after the fact..peer pressure is brutal..glad you did it and glad you lived..can't wait to see you soon...lots of hugs are coming your you!