Monday, February 14, 2011


I've tried blogging about a million times before this...but I just can't decide what to blog about. I don't want to bore anyone, and until I download my pictures to my laptop, boring this just may be. But whatevs

Things going on in my life...

-Trying to decide whether to go back to Idaho this summer for school. I need to find a major and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. That is the next step in making a decision.
-I turn 21 in a few weeks! I still get mistaken for 16. People think Josh is my boyfriend. Awesome.
-I watch my little cousin Isaac 3 days a week. He loves me and I love him! It's nice to have a cute little buddy who is so cute and lovable. I sure do love that little curly headed boy. He keeps me laughing all the time. His mom called the other night when I was watching him, to ask him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. The conversation went like this..
Briana: "Isaac what do you want for your Birthday dinner?"
Isaac: "Hi mom...I want cupcakes (all the while his little squinty eyed smile is beaming)
Briana: "No Isaac, for d-i-n-n-e-r. What do you want?"
Isaac still grinning hugely: "Yeah, I want cupcakes" then  he looks over at me and starts laughing and takes a deep breath and says, "loomis chinese" in the most matter of fact voice.
He thought he was so funny suggesting cupcakes, but all along he knew he was being silly. It's the little things that make me crack up.
-My home teacher fixed my guitar and I was sooo happy. Now I am strumming away and trying to learn the endings of all the songs I was never patient enough to learn.
-Today I learned that patience is "actively waiting." I always thought patience was just waiting around for that special thing to happen, when in fact you're supposed to continue to do all you can while waiting for whatever it is you are.

Things that make me happy...

-My warm fluffy bed. I loooooooooooove fluffy beds. They just make me sleep with a smile.
-Warm California days where I can eat dinner outside in the white metal rocking chairs and just be thankful for fresh air.
-Heating bags that warm my toesies.
-FHE, Institute, and new friends.
-Blogging late at night when the house is quiet and when my mind functions best.
-Watching Justin Bieber on Ellen.
-Going lipstick shopping with my Mum.
-The Movie "Letters to God."
-Watching National Geographicesque shows with my dad on Sundays.
-Going out with Josh at CPK and Big Spoon.
-Letting my sister put a red feather extension in my hair. She has crazy ideas and loves to try them out on me and I love it!
-I loved scaring Cassie with peacock feathers. She doesn't like birds.


Maureen said...

I love your posts they are never have your head on straight and I know you will figure life out because you always include the Lord in all your decisions..
P.S. I love going lipstick shopping with you too..but I think we need to go back and get the bright Pink..Love you snukums..your boyfriend Josh is sooo cute..(even if he is your brother)..

Jari said...

-The cupcake story made me so happy!
-I miss you and your heating bag
-Sometimes people think I'm my brother's mom...I think I'd rather be his girlfriend ;)
-Pictures with you and your lipstick? Yes!