Monday, January 24, 2011

The Traveling Notebook

These are my near and dear best friends. We have been friends FOREVER, and we always have a good time when we are together. It usually involves a lot of hysterical laughter. Over this past Christmas break Dana and I were on a walk together and we were talking about something we use to do in high school We had a pink notebook that we would each take turn writing in. There was a rotation. We would write about what was going on in our lives and so on. So we decided to bring this back! It's especially important now, because we are all in different places and it's not always easy to keep up to date with everyone. So we have now what is called the :

"Traveling Notebook"  

We have a week to write in it and send it to the next person. It is just like the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," minus the pants. (Sisterhood of the Traveling Stretchy Pants would be so much more realistic, maybe I'll start that up) I'm super excited about this! I love getting things in the mail and I love the post office! I can't wait to read about the lives of my dear little ladies while we are away from each other. Dana has been selected as the first one to have the notebook so I should be getting it by Tuesday! Can't wait!


Maureen said...

Love this idea. it will become a best seller someday...

Lesa said...

My friends and I did this for a while. I hope you keep up with it, we haven't and it's kinda sad. I actually forgot about it til I read your post!
And um, yeah, I second the stretchy pants thought... haha :)