Sunday, April 17, 2011


So grab my hand, and let's take a walk. A walk down memory lane. C'mon now, just grab it. 
So I was reading in one of my old journals where I had made a list of qualities I desired in a spouse. I believe this had been a part of a young woman's activity I had participated in. I read it just a while back, and found it to be the most humorous list. Let me show you this little list, mind you I was probably around 12-14ish. 

Future spouse qualities (no particular order):

-Return Missionary
-Teachable (I was smart at a very young age)
-Hard worker

As I read my old list, I thought to myself that maybe I should revisit my list..ya know..clean it up a little. I think I might have had big ambitions, and don't get me wrong I still do, but I think I know a little more of what I want now in my life. 

I've done my fair share of dating. The more I date the more I realize what it is I really want. The things that really make me happy. I won't write out my list, because that's embarrassing, but I assure you it is much shorter, more realistic, yet it includes the things I've really come to realize are important. I've also realized some aspects in a personality come with time.

One of the things that is on my list now is "funny." I think the thing I really love most is to laugh. I do it pretty easily and sometimes very loudly. Joshua is always amazed at just how loud my laugh is. He always make's fun of me because he says I laugh at all the things no one else laughs at, and since my laugh is so loud, it causes many embarrassing moments for the dear pubescent boy who gets embarrassed easily. He constantly is just looking at me in disbelief. I do love to embarrass my dear brother.

Having "funny" as one of the important things may seem really silly to some, but to me it is REALLY important. It is one of the most attractive qualities about a person. How can you not be happy when you are laughing? 

Tommy Boy anyone?


Jari said...

Best part of this post: "dear pubescent boy"

I spat on myself when I started laughing after reading it. I don't know why, it just tickled my insides. I love revisiting the young women assignments from way back when. Such an awkward age for making us write things like that.

I love it.

Maureen said...

after dads dashing good looks got me..funny is what sealed the deal..I like your list..perfect!!