Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Vacation Vacation

If you say vacation enough time's it starts sounding really weird. 
Our family took a mini vacation to Stinson Beach and San Francisco.
It was really fun, and so nice to just go. Most of the pictures I took were
from a film camera, so alas I don't have them yet! Here are a few to satisfy
my fan base.  
My favorite part was walking the Golden Gate Bridge.
New life desire: ride tandem across this baby.
This picture was taken during the one second their weren't millions
of people around. The sidewalk was insanely crowded
since only one side of the bridge was open.

Stinson Beach where the seagulls WILL eat you.

1 comment:

Jari said...

Oh this looks lovely. I want to go see these things one day.

Speaking of vacation, by this time next week you'll be in FLORIDA! I'm excited. Just saying.