Thursday, November 17, 2011


I just had to write something new on here because that old post was really bugging me. I'm SO much happier right now. I feel like my past is finally in the past and I'm happy!

Some things I'm looking forward to:

-Seeing Breaking Dawn tomorrow
-Having my old roomie Lindsay come stay with me this weekend. (YEEEEE!)
-Going rock climbing Saturday
-Running to feed the hungry on Thursday with my friend Dana.
-Spending time with family this next week.
-Going to dinner next week with my high school lovelies.

Some things I loved this past week:

-Seeing my old friend John since he just got home from his mission.
-Skyping with my dearest friend Nickolas from school.
-Going shopping with Rachel and getting hot chocolate.
-Going to the temple.
-Sitting by a ginormous roaring fire in my home.
-Getting cute new clothes.
-Listening to Michael Buble's new Christmas Album (looooooove)


Maureen said...

I L.O.V.E. when my kids are makes me happy, and each thing you wrote about I know, make you happy because I see it in your face..Time is the best for healing everything.

Jari said...

Oh for the happy. Let me know how Breaking Dawn goes, I'm debating whether or not to see it.