Sunday, March 4, 2012

22nd Birthday Par-Tay

I have the MOST amazing friends in the world ever. Really. True. Last Saturday I mysteriously received a little decorated bucket that when you opened the lid a message was attached by individual stars. Each star read Alexie--Happy Birthday--March 3rd--Dress Warm--9pm--Don't be late. Then last night I finally got to find out what this mysterious message all meant! My friend Rachel picked me up and took me to my friend Sierra's house. Their was a huge bonfire...tables filled with tons and tons of every chocolate imaginable...her dads truck filled with blow up mattresses and more blankets than you could imagine. The whole night was based on my favorite things, star gazing, and chocolate! It was so beautiful. Rachel and Sierra put sooooooooooooooooo much work into it. It was so incredible. I have the greatest friends ever. I feel so loved and it gave me the energy I needed to get threw these next couple of weeks. Tomorrow is my real birthday so I'll spend it with family and just enjoy a day of doing whatever. 21 was an incredible year filled with events I learned a lot from. Can't believe it's been a year already. Here's to 22! 

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Jari said...

Alexie Lawson. Can you just shrink me down and carry me around in your pocket? Your life is beautiful! Enjoy your last little bit of 21 and WELCOME to 22. It's pretty great, I'm enjoying it so far.