Saturday, March 8, 2014

Acts 19, 20

Choice 4-Acts 19-1-12; 20:7-12

Paul laid his hands upon the people and conferred the Holy Ghost upon them, conferred gift of tongues and prophesied, cast out evil Spirits by the Priesthood power, broke bread, and preached unto the disciples.

1. Paul confirmed them members by the laying on of hands and conferred upon them the gift of the Holy Ghost.

2. This shows that only by the right authority are they given the fullness of the Gospel, and that they must be baptized by the proper authority to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to always be with them.

3.  He did it by the laying on of hands through the Priesthood power.

4. It says the broke bread “the first day of the week…” It says that Paul called upon his disciples after the uproar had stopped. 

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