Sunday, September 14, 2008


So I did my first load of wash since moving here and it wasn't half bad, except that I put the liquid detergent in the bleach ONLY spot, but shh don't tell. I gathered my saved up quarters and loaded up my ikea hamper and got to business..notice my one sunsplash fun token in the mix of quarters.(thanks josh?)


Maureen said...

My little girl is growing up!! Lundry? Im so impressed, wish we would have started this before you left. The mystery is I still have just as much lundry now as before you left. I think Josh must change his clothes several times a day more then before..who knows, its a mystery..

Chelsea said...

There are so many things I miss about BYUI but hauling a giant pile of dirty laundry down the stairs, and making sure to time it just right so your clothes don't get thrown on the disgusting floor is not one of them.