Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Picnic!

So today we decided hey were going to go on a picnic! So we loaded our sanwhiches, cookies, and macaroni and cheese, and anything else we could scrounge up and headed on a picnic at the park across the street. Our intent was to take some really fun pictures, but we ate, talked, and all fell asleep in the sun. It was delicious and good to get out! Here's most of the roomies, and me behind the camera. (:


Maureen said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures. The temple is beautiful. Be sure to go singing next Sunday. Awesome. Pretty cool to get to listen to a live 3 person guitar duo..Maybe there up for lessons for a cute little lassy..YOU!! Keep having fun..Love you to death

DebLawson said...

Oh what fun!!!
The life of a college student at a church school....seriously, nothing is better than what you are doing right now! You are a lucky-duck.
Where are your roomies from? Did you know any of them before you got there?
My first year, I didn't know a soul. The 2nd day I was there I met one of my roomies and we were instant best pals? You wanna know why? 'Cause she was also from Cali! (Thousand Oaks) and we both thought we were so ultra cool that we became bestest pals. We are still friends today. :)
Have fun, I am going to be checking your blog frequently 'cause I love seeing what you're up to PLUS, I love seeing my old Ricks College! :)