Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fa fa friday Night

So on friday the cousins got together for a movie and dinner! We had a really fun time and saw a great movie! Then saturday was a huge storm which was so much fun! I went grocery shopping and got to cart molly around while she grabbed my groceries for me while nearly running over many people with our cart. Unfortunately there are no pics of this, and we ended the night playing wii with some new friends and watching a movie. Now its Sunday and I have a nice heap of homework calling me name!


Maureen said...

No popcorn and drinks? Whats up with that, didn't I teach you to load that purse up with goodies? Did I fail as a mother? So happy to see the cousins enjoying a night out on the town! there will come a day when I will have to say "stop having so much fun and study" but todays not that day! Keep having a blast, you can always stay up all night and study! See I didn''t fail as a mother!

DebLawson said...

Hi Lexi!

You may not even remember me, but your daddy and my hubby are cousins! :)
I went to Ricks, er, I mean BYU-I way back in the cool 90's! (90-92)
Loved it, except the stinky winters, didn't like that part.
Where do you live? I lived in Heritage Manor my 1st year and Autumn Winds the 2nd year. Do those places even exist anymore?!
I have so many great memories from my days at Ricks.. what a blast!

Have fun and try to remember to study once in a while!

~Deb Lawson

Sarah said...

Yeah, cousins! So much fun.