Friday, March 25, 2011

Italy and a Butt Grab

Did you know I went on a European tour 3 years ago this summer with my high school? You probably did, because I absolutely LOVED it and I tell lots of people this. I feel ill because I did not keep a journal. The girl who writes down everything did NOT I repeat NOT document this trip in words. I really hate that I didn't. So I decided I'll tell my stories on here. Maybe once a week or something. So this next story goes like this...

Meet Rachel (hi rachellll)

Smart. Funny. Best friend.

One very late night we were all headed back to our hotel in Rome. We were jam packed into this tiny tiny little bus. The driver was smoking a joint (I kid you not) and I was so ready to go crawl into bed and get back. This small bus was so packed I had to crane my head to the right to avoid hitting someone's arm. Finally we made it to an apparently popular stop and a lot of people got off. Finally I selfishly ran to a seat.

*Let me interrupt for a moment. Before going on this trip my Grandpa warned me of Italian men, and how they like to pinch girls on the butt. I was so terrified, but also kept this little gem of knowledge to myself.

*Que next part of the story...

So as I was sitting in my seat, dear Rachel was standing to the left of me a little ways up. She was holding onto the hanging support handle just minding her own business. Right behind her (right next to me) was this very creepy short Italian man. He had a permanent creepy smirk on his face. It was just stuck there. Not going anywhere. My Grandpa's advice popped into my head "Alexie Sunset you be careful of those italian men, they'll pinch ya right on the butt!" So I thought, might as well beat this creepy man to it. So I quickly and discreetly pinched Rachel on the butt. I quickly resumed my position as if I had not seen anything.

Rachel quickly whipped her head around and put her hand to her chest in a state of panic. She could hardly speak. She was looking at me and then back at the creepy man who was STILL  standing there with the permi smirk. Creepy as ever.  She's looking at me then back at him, me, him, me. "Did you just..I just..did you just" at this point she is freaking out, looking like she's about to puke or slap the innocent man.

Finally I started busting up. I couldn't take it any longer. Probably one of the top funniest moments of my life. At the time I think she wanted to kill me for playing such a trick. We both laugh hysterically over it today, and her family thinks it is the best story ever. Memories.


Maureen said...

Picturing Rachel's face, that story never gets old..too funny!!

Jari said...

ALEXIE LAWSON! That is cruel! :)

Although, I must say I think it the best idea ever. If I were Rachel I would love you just for providing such a wonderful story for memory's sake. Good job. Also, the title of this post...I've been laughing from the start. I miss you. I really REALLY miss you. A lot. Yes.

lacy nicol said...

hahahaha!! This is super funny Lex! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are going to tell stories about your trip! I'm excited so keep them coming! LOVE YOU!!