Monday, March 21, 2011


Today marks a very exciting day. I am in this new weight loss challenge! The rules are anyone who enters puts $20 into the pot. Whoever makes it to 20lbs. lost first is the winner and gets the money! We are at $160. Perfect for new summer clothes! I'm so excited about this! I joined a gym this weekend and this morning took a Bosu boot camp workout class. It kicked my bum. I thought I was in decent shape. Guess not. Anyways these are a few of the things I'll be buying when I WIN:

Also these and these


Lesa said...

LOVE it! I have 20 lbs to lose, but no energy to work it off... I'm crossing my fingers for you ... oh and can't wait to see some pics of YOU in those cute clothes after you win.

lexiedawn said...

Thanks Lesa!! And you do not have 20 lbs to lose! Youre so tiny.

lacy nicol said...

Hey! What website is this from! Cute clothes!!

lexiedawn said...

it's from modcloth (: