Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is a story about a magical place far away. Lights sparkle there-crepe's are eaten on the daily-bike's are a more common mode of transportation-love is shown and spoken of often-time is non-exhistant. Paris.

Many people say they have visited Paris, and complain that it just isn't for them. That's okay, because it's for ME! I really did love Paris. One of my best days in Paris went like this...

Our group walked many blocks to this little bike shop called Fat Tire Bike Tours. We all got suited up with a bike and off we were for an adventure none of us really knew about. All I knew is that we were taking some type of tour on bike's. 

I had a red one. I couldn't reach the ground, which made stopping really fun.

We set off on our bike's. We had an awesome tour guide named Taylor. He was not bad to look at, and his personality didn't disappoint either.

He was American even! He also had another friend (tour guide) who would pop up every once in awhile. Rachel and me were in love with them both! Anyways...So we rode all day long. We started out by riding to the metro station where we loaded our bikes onto the metro. This was quite the task seeing that we had to split up into small groups and each hit up a different section of the metro just to be sure we could fit. I have the funniest memory of Rachel and her small group getting off a stop too early. My group was looking out the windows and we see all 5 of them out on the station with their bikes looking at us still on the metro. We quickly told them they had got off a stop too soon. It was the most hilarious thing to watch them all scrambling to get back on with their bike's. I thought Rachel was going to have a heart attack as she plowed through everyone.

We finally reached our stop. We were headed to "one of the finest outdoor markets of France." I thought..oooh neato. But once we got there I was so terrified, because these vendors were from the depths of France. They did not speak English. This was NOT a tourist stop. I took two years of French in high school, but honestly that really could do me no good. I did try though, and somehow the people understood "deux peche" and "une baguette." Really how could they not? We were on our way to Versailles. Oh Versailles. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful place. We were headed to the end of the huge pond they layed outside of the large Versailles Palace. I remember the air was cool, the grass was soo green, the walkway was long and winding.

There we sat down on the grass, where Rachel and me ate our peaches and bread. A poor girl dropped her camera in the pond. Good thing we had a daring boy to dive in and get it for her, where he found many souvenirs. At the end of the day we were riding through a small park like place filled with old men in caps reading newspapers and smoking cigars. Throughout the entire day we kept running into another bike tour group and we had played some pranks on them. Somehow our tour name became "the red dragons." Our tour guide told us as we rode through this quiet park to yell "red dragons fly!!" To scream it as loud as we could so the other group would hear us and to stand up on our bikes just for effect. It was crazy and stupid but we did it and laughed the entire time.

We ended the day with sore bums and swollen ankles. But it was a day I'll never forget. So much fun.
I love this video. Pay special attention to the girl in orange. I could write a whole novel from this clip. It reminds me so much of my trip, plus I love the song and I love Bluey!


Maureen said...

wee wee pariee..didn't know I could speak French did ya..Love your memories..keep them coming..

Lesa said...

It just sounds so romantic and beautiful. :)You're very lucky.

Mr and Mrs DanjaRuss said...

I did not know you went to Europe... But I am glad you are not telling your stories. By the way I miss you.