Sunday, May 8, 2011



It's hard to put into words the things really only you can feel, and that can't be described or crunched into one word. I have a mother who take's her role very seriously. She has always put her children first. She always knows what we are feeling. I believe honestly that is a spiritual gift she has. I know it's come into play many time's in my life as I don't like to say when I'm sad but my Mom just always knows. She is the greatest example of what I want to be. Their is no other person who can love as much as my Mother can. I see she learned by example from my Grandma Peck. It's a beautiful thing to be apart of and I'm grateful for such a mother.

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Maureen said...

Lexie you are a sweetheart and I love you..I couldn't, no wouldn't want any other kids.. Heavenly Father knew I needed each of you and your different personality, to make me laugh all the time..I am so grateful for you all..I love this post..thank you!