Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boo Boo

So as you all know I am a nanny to the sweetest baby. I really love him, and I feel like he's part mine. It has been so much fun to watch him grow from the 4 week old baby I started with into the rambunctious 7 month old he is now. I love to make him laugh, and him laughing makes me laugh which makes him laugh, it is so hysterical. I love to take him on walks because it make's him SO happy. I also love just getting out and exploring. I realized how much of a Mom I feel like on Friday whenever another man was walking with his baby and we had a good laugh over how my B.o.b. (awesome 4-wheel drive stroller) was so much better than his because he had an orange one and baby's is navy. After I passed the man, I realized the conversation I had just had. I had a conversation about stroller's. This was one of my first real moments I felt like a mom. Things are getting scary. I started buying higher rise jeans, and some days I don't wear makeup at all. I do love it though. I love how he is so happy to see me, and he knows no better than to just love me even with all my imperfections. My heart has grown a few sizes since becoming his nanny.


Maureen said...

I wish I had a BooBoo..I might even start wearing high cut jeans and stop wearing makeup..oh wait been there, done more babies means low rise jeans and tons of makeup to hid my wrinkles, oh the circle of life!! P.S. you are a good nanny!!

Jari said...

Oh Alexie, this is such a sweet post. You are such a sweetheart and I'm glad that you get to share your time with such a wonderful little child. You're amazing, I aspire to be like you. Love you.