Saturday, October 4, 2008

Love You Forever

Ok so this weekend I'm in Salt Lake and I was in my Grandma's room. I was looking through her bookshelf discovering all sorts of books from my childhood when I stumbled upon my most favorite book of all time called Love You Forever. If any of you haven't read this little book, go out and get it now!! It's an older book I remember reading or being read too when I was really young. So anyways get it. I'm headed off to the mall all by my lonesome this blistery afternoon in search of a much excited birthday present for a mother of mine. I know exactly what I'll be getting! Anyways off I go..


Maureen said...

My Little Lexie Dawn, you would go in the rain and snow to get a present for me? You are awesome! Can't wait to see you next weekend, we are going to partaaay! I love that book, it makes me cry! I love you!!

Brittany said...

great book. i miss you Lex!

Kathy said...

Just seeing that book makes me want to cry.I really think it is one of my fav's, but I really cant stand to read it.I find myself sobbing and the kids consoling me. Love the meaning hate the thought.
So when you come to visit leave the book at Grandma's. While your out could you pickup some chocolates for your mom from me.I ate the one I bought her. Come visit soon. We're so proud of you.
Kathy & Zach
P.S. Just joking on the chocolates

Crystal Marie said...

I love when you find a old book that you just loved as a little one, it brings back so many memories....Can't wait to see you, I am counting down the days!!