Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So this is the time of the semester that is so extremely bittersweet. I love going home and I can't wait to go home. Seriously. I also love being at school. Life is so drastically different from school to home. The end of semester is always the worst too, because I have to say goodbye to some people for a long time. Some I don't know when I'll ever see again. I hate it. It makes me sad, but I have to focus on the positive. I have been trying to get everything done for school so here is a small rundown of my last few days...

This is called the recorder a.k.a. the dumbest instrument on the planet that sounds so horrible who would ever really want to learn it instrument.

For class I was supposed to be practicing and learning this stupid stupid instrument. Whoops.

On to my next fun little task. As a group for my music class we had to tell a story through song. It was supposed to be really fun and cute. My group got the book Piggie Pie. We had it all set up, and we were going to rehearse it monday night. The main girl who had the most lines and who was the core of the presentation did not show up. Called her...texted her...nada. Ok we decided we'd just figure it out tuesday when we had to perform. We get to class and she did not bring her costume, and she had the sheet music for the song we were supposed to sing. Imagine all 5 of us up there trying to sing a song we don't know the tune for. I thought one of the girls was going to hurt the girl who didn't show up on rehearsal night. We basically went up and looked like complete idiots. I just had to laugh, because if I didn't I would have been really upset, but at least it was comical for those watching us right? I nade a cute ducks beak.

 Cute right??

Then came my Family Foundations Religion class, in which my final was today. I had to put together a million talks about Family, Marriage, and lot of different topics. My binder is really cool and useful it just took forever!

I have permanent tissue damage from the amount of hole punching I had to do.

Now I'm off to pack and study and play. I'll be home soon for a long time.
I just may miss the snow

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Maureen said...

I know its bitter sweet for you..but just sweet for me..so hurry home and bring the beak, we'll put it on cassie while she is sleeping..fun times..keep up the good work..I heart you!!