Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shnow Adventures

So the other night my roomies and I were feeling like we needed a snow adventure. If all this white stuff is going to be falling from the sky we might as well take advantage of it right? Right.

So we bundled up ( I of course resembled the little brother off of the classic movie: Christmas Story. If I fell over I was a goner, no use in trying to ever get up.)

We had to go pick up tubes from our slacker friends apartment who did not want to get dirty in the snow. They have a bit of wuss complex. I don't want to mess up my hair. It's cold. Let's watch Barbie's Christmas Adventure instead...

After leaving Mr. and Mrs' wuss' house we headed to the famous snow hill and got to work. The snow was falling and it looking like beautiful glitter falling from the sky. It was so Christ-mas-eeee.

We ended up meeting new friends and saw a boy from our ward while we were there and we made an awesome train. The night was so much fun, and I've enjoyed living in the snow for this last little bit.

A few nights pass and we decide to go again with some other friends. This time was a little more dangerous. The beautiful powder all froze and it became a game of avoid the ice.
My dearest friend who shall go unnamed decided to give me an UNasked for running push and spun me backwards. I then flew down the hill, flew over a jump, and flew off my tube hitting my head so hard. In the past I've been one to quit and say I'm done and I'm angry! I decided this was childish and tried my hardest just to be tough and get over it quick. Which I did, swear.

I then proceeded to white wash my old fhe brother twice. This is because I am so strong and am easily able to take down people twice my size. Seriously I'm so strong. Just ask anyone... 

Then just when I thought the night was over and I had escaped kind-of injury free, my other friend throws the inner tube at my face as I was looking away. You guess it, right as I looked back over it hit straight in the face...I barely escaped with my life but here I am today typing away (with a very sore neck, just sayin...)


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Maureen said...

I for one am glad you survived it as I would be sad if you didn' need to tell your dearest friend, he needs to be careful with your fragile self..It looks like you had a blast..gotta get all you can before you come home to dry Calif..Love you!