Wednesday, December 29, 2010

21 Things

In the great year of 2011 this girl will be 21. That's right twenty-one. To celebrate such an auspicious occasion (yes I googled, what auspicious meant, and luckily it fit) I am starting something new. It is called my " 21 Things" creative title? No. Are their exciting things listed under this title? Yes. This year I am going to be doing 21 new things that I'd like to try out or commit myself to doing. This list contains anything from kissing a cute boy (she likes boys whaa???) to flying a kite. It is random and different but I am extremely excited about it. Every time I do something on my list I get to check it off. I've already started and it's so fun! It's a year of new possibilities and many changes are already taking place. It's going to be my year of boldness. 21 will be lovely.

1 comment:

casey j. ross said...

oooohhhhh whaaaa?? haha i love this!! what a marvelous idea :)