Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Pixie Cut

Will this haircut force me to become a nun?

Will boys think I'm really ugly?

Will boys never want to date me?

Will I be mistaken for a 12 year old boy?

Should I do this?

When my hair grows back will it still be curly? (this option frightens me the most)

Tell me your thoughts..please.

This post may be due to my lack of desire to go to bed. Maybe I'll grow my hair out...


Maureen said...

I know Im your mother but honestly you could shave your head and still be cute as a button..but my vote (if it counts, which I know it does) I say the length you have is perfect..

Jari said...

I know nothing of boys opinion on hair, but here is what I think. You have a gorgeous face and wonderful bone structure. Your big eyes, great cheek bones, and perfect mouth don't require curtains of hair to give them more shape. You are one of the few people I know who could flawlessly and gorgeously pull a hair cut like this off, which is why I vote yes. If someone can do eccentric things with their hair I always vote yes.

You hair also looks great at it's current length, and I'm sure it would be beautiful grown out as well. So the biggest question you have to answer is will YOU like it that short? If you will happily and confidently rock that hair, then go for it. If you like your hair now and will be sad and miss it, then don't cut it. Honestly the most beautiful feature anyone can have is confidence and comfort in who they are, so whatever makes you comfortable and happy go for it girl.

lexiedawn said...

so true jari!!!! thanks I should probably think of how I would feel too.