Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Night Tid Bits

Today I was thinking a lot about why I have to do or go through certain things that are hard. I wondered why does this or that happen to ME and maybe not the next person.

A simple answer came that makes perfectly clear and good sense, but it's truth. We are asked personally to do certain things, because to us they are hard and they require us lean on Heavenly Father. To others what is hard to you is not hard to them, so they may not have to endure that trial, because to them it wouldn't be a trial.

I've realized something really great this week. That changing your attitude can really change your life. If I'm stressed about something I can put it into perspective and remember its really not that bad. If we have a good attitude eventually that hard thing becomes manageable and life is okay.

I'm learning that a lot of things in life are our choice. We make decisions. We have to act, exercise, and engage. Interesting.

Anywho I don't like that I'm always talking about serious things lately, but it's just what's on my mind. I feel really blessed this week by how I've been lead to read those things that I needed to hear specifically. I am grateful.

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