Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Homework? No Thanks.

Every time I have a huge load of homework to do, I think to myself..hey I haven't updated my blog in forever. I am currently sitting in my room starving. I just ran/walked 3 miles and I'm starving. But nooooooooo I can't eat. Cassie's getting married so I have to look semi-descent in a dress. Anyways life back in Rexburg is interesting. Something always seems to happen to me at the beginning of the semester that makes me want to cry and go home. I swear...almost every single time. I'm trying not to let the actions of others make me into a person who has trust issues and turns me into a bitter person. I don't ever want to be bitter, but life experiences can make you feel that way. The biggest life lesson I've learned these last few years is that words are nothing without action. People can talk all day long, but without action behind those words they mean nothing. I'm trying to apply this to my life as well. School is crazy and I have less than 2 weeks to pass 2 major math exams so I can register for my last semester starting in the Fall. I don't even know where the time went, I've felt so distracted and in my head lately. Life can be hard, but it always comes down to the fact that I have an amazing family who always helps me keep perspective about life. I won't always be in Rexburg, and I won't forever be in school. Sometimes I feel like it's groundhog day and I wonder when the heck I'm going to get out of this place! Most of my friends have already graduated or are graduating this semester. I'm ready to go too, I'll miss the memories so much but it's time for me to move on. Life is in the bubble is getting old, and I'm tired of competing with 19 year old girls who are way more fun than me. (haaaahaaa). Being 23 in Rexburg is the equivalent of 33. After you turn 20 you can go ahead and tack on another 10 years and that's how people will view you. I shouldn't complain because I do love lots of things here. I've had some of my best times in Rexburg, but like with anything in life there is a season and my season for Rexburg is coming to a close. I've been learning guitar and it's been such a huge stress reliever for me. Music really is one of the wonders of the world. It takes you to this place where no one can hurt you. I love it. I went to Utah last weekend and it felt so amazing to get out and spend time with other people and old friends. I miss my old friends. I hate that everyone is scattered in all different places, but that's okay because I love to travel. (: Life is good and crazy!

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Maureen said...

You are being molded and shaped for a wonderful journey through are learning life lessons that will help you be better and stronger..I promise you will see the purpose in so many of your trails, think of your first year at Rexburg to have grown so much..I love the person you are, you don't have the ability to be bitter, there is too much goodness in you..For those that disappoint you, and there will be move forward with love in your heart and skip (yes skip) to the next chapter..because that book your writing will be a best seller<<Love you bunches..