Saturday, May 4, 2013

Matthew 3:13–17. The Baptism of Jesus Christ

On this discussion I am learning about why Jesus needed to be baptized if he were already perfect.

Review Matthew 3:13–17 and the institute student manual commentary for Matthew 3:16, “What Is the Significance of the Holy Ghost Descending ‘like a Dove’?” (pg. 28–29). Then write answers to the following questions:

Greater Information on Baptism:
  • Why was John hesitant to baptize Jesus?
A: I believe John was hesitant to baptize Jesus because he knew Christ was the Son of God and wondered why He needed to baptize Jesus if He were perfect. I also think John could have felt unworthy of such a task.
  • What is taught here about the Holy Ghost? 
A: The Holy Ghost represents death of your sins (immersion) and then the coming up out of the water represents a rebirth of your spiritual life.
  • Jesus Christ said He must be baptized to “fulfill all righteousness.” List three reasons why Jesus Christ was baptized (see 2 Nephi 31:6–11).
A: To show unto the Father that Christ is obedient unto all commandments, for Him to set the example of how the path is strait and the gate is narrow, so the Father can tell us to be baptized like His perfect Son was, and to receive the Holy Ghost.
  • What evidence is found in Matthew 3:16–17 that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate personages in the Godhead?
A: In these verses we have Christ in the water just being baptized, we have the Holy Ghost descending upon Him in the form of a dove, and we have Heavenly Father speaking from Heaven showing that they are three distinct separate personages. 

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