Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So do you ever have those days where you have a rather LARGE list of things you need to get done, but somehow you can think of every reason to do everything else but what you need to do?! I call this self torture. Why do I torture myself? why?! I'll rearrange my closet, do the dishes, take a shower, watch t.v., shine my shoes, and watch my roomates eat dinner before I can muster up that strength to do my homework. Those days I can come home and finish my homework early are days of mircacles! I wonder why I just don't do that everyday. Ellen Degeneres reminds us to,"procrastinate now, don't put it off."


Maureen said...

You crack me up! If this is not the truest thing ever, I think you got that aweful trait from your super cool mom! Sorry!

Chelsea said...

I don't think this ever goes away either. I'm definately not 18 and still I do the same thing...like checking people's blog's instead of doing my million hours of homework this very second! I swear homework is the only reason I make dinner every night.

The Masters said...

I am so the same Lexi! I have a piece of flair on Facebook that I absolutely love and live by it says, "Procrastinators Unite!!.....tomorrow" Haha...so true for me!