Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We all decided that our apartment was looking QUITE drab so my cousin decided to spruce it up a bit. The decorations really added a more "homey" feeling as our moms are full out decoraters and we had to do something. I really can't take much credit though Molly did all of it. We even have a vampire wall. It's not complete we still have a few roomates to vampify but you can just call us the Cullenistas! (im so sorry for any of you who don't get that refrence)


Maureen said...

I want to do the vampire pictures too..So cute..Your apartment looks so cute!!!

DebLawson said...

Your kitchen looks exactly like mine over at Heritage Manor! Same kitchen, same apartment! Fun times.
The decorations look fabulous! I love the vampire pics, how cool!

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

How did you guys do the vampire pictures. Those are so fun.