Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ray Lamontagne

So I just had to let everyone know Ray Lamontagne one of my favorite singers of all time just came out with a new cd. I'm here to tell you for your own good to go and get it NOW! I haven't listened to all of the songs so if there's anything shady in there don't judge me, but his voice is absolutely beautiful!! If you love amazing music then he's your guy.


Chelsea said...

I really do like this guys voice- its very different. If you haven't already- you should check out Bon Iver- he's also got an amazing voice!!

Maureen said...

Im going to check him out! I like most of the singers you do, not all but most..

Klint said...

Looks like the Wolfman. I thought you liked Vampires.
Y.F. Uncle Klint