Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving FHE

So last night our ever so kind fhe brothers (the two that come) brought us all pumpkins and frosties! How kind. We had fun getting into teams and carving these bad boys. We had lots of creativity and ice cream floating throughout the house.


Lesa said...

that sounds so fun! we haven't carved a pumpkin yet. :( A frosty sounds really good too. Man, i'm jealous.

Maureen said...

Lexie Pexie, you didn't tell me you had a pumpkin carving night, Looks like soo much fun. What nice FHE boys. even if its just the 2 that come! FUN TIMES AT REXBURG!!I miss you!

MJ said...

Fun! I'm glad to hear you're still eating after Klint tried to kill us with too much food. We really enjoyed having you here and hope you'll come back just to hang out. You're great Lexie!